The “tectonic shift” in podcast analytics

  “This is the biggest thing to happen to the podcast business since Serial first went nuclear,” tweeted Gimlet’s Matt Leiber. It’s “About to dramatically change the podcast industry” reported Vulture. “A tectonic shift in analytics,” said, that could “Revolutionize the way we find podcasts,” mused Poynter. This is the ground-breaking news that Apple’s engineers are set to revolutionise podcast […]

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Podcast industry to almost double

With one fifth of global ad revenues now spent on Google and Facebook, “nearly double the figure of five years ago,” advertisers keep shifting their budgets to digital. As digital continues to disrupt traditional media, podcasting finally looks set to shake up radio.  As Market Week recently reported, in the UK internet ad spend for 2016 was up “13.4% to £10.3bn for […]

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So you’ve packed your flip-flops and aftersun, but what podcasts to download for your road trip, beach holiday or Centre Parcs family fest? Panic ye not, I’ve handpicked the best podcast binge listens – the audio equivalents of boxsets. To help you tune out of the grind and into an immersive audio world, we’ve got […]


Ayr Sky 9 to 5

From 9 to 5 I’m usually at work. However, one day I wasn’t. I drummed my fingers as no phone rang, and no meeting alert flashed onto my screen; no screen was in front of me for anything to blink on. So I pointed my camera at the sky periodically and collected the pictures here. […]

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Do we need violence in boredrooms?

Is it possible to create great newspaper stories in corporate boardrooms (boredrooms)? Front page news itself rarely happens in boardrooms – the murder count is surprisingly low, given the rise of industrial psychopathy. However, big fat yarns can be created there. Bruno Munari argued that “even an ugly poster has an explosive force” in the […]

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